Porcelain Care

About Mrs Peterson
About Mrs Peterson

Understanding the Ceramic Process

These products are all made using various grades of fine porcelain. Each piece begins as a lump of wet clay and has been carefully hand held through over 9 different processes to become a finished piece. This process includes long drying cycles and 2 or 3 firings up to 1300 degrees C. It can take weeks to make enough stock to fill an entire kiln, so know that each piece has been LOVED, long before it reaches you!

There will always be variations with the end result such as slight colour variations and sometimes size and shape variations. This is what we love about handmade ceramics. Each piece is completely unique and has it’s own personality. Though your product my have small character differences, it will never be cracked, unfinished or faulty. If you have any questions about your porcelain, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Caring for your Porcelain

Like any glass-wear or ceramics, porcelain will last forever, unless you treat it mean, then it may break!

All products have been tested to ensure customers receive a quality long-lasting product. Here are some simple do’s and Don’ts in regards to your porcelain jewellery.
Do take your jewellery off before bed, while exercising and swimming! (But you already do that don’t you!
Do clean your porcelain gently with a soapy sponge or gumption to remove dirt.
Do polish your silver with a silver cloth.
Do keep your jewellery in a safe place when you’re not wearing it. Porcelain Jewelry does not like to be left in car glove-boxes, bottom of handbags or back pockets. It may have a panic attack and break.
Don’t stand on tiles or concrete while taking your jewellery on or off... if you accidently drop it, it may chip or break. Sit on the bed, stand on carpet… hover over your cat… just incase you get an attack of the butterfingers.

The back of the jewellery pieces have been sanded to feel smooth against your skin, but have not been glazed. They can pick up micro dirt and makeup, so every once in a while you can clean and polish your porcelain carefully with some warm soapy water and a light scrub.

Returns and Breakages

Your order will be packed to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If for some bizarre twist of fate any items arrive broken please contact me within 24hrs. Failure to do so may result in a non-refund.

Mrs Peterson Pottery has strict quality controls and an impeccable track record! Faulty items are rare thanks to rigorous product testing (banging items on tables, trying our darndest to bend and pull jewellery apart!) we know how far these products can be pushed (Mr Peterson has some muscle power!). So in the rare event that your item is faulty contact us immediately. Items that have been chipped through ware and tear, dropped or bent through misuse are not considered faulty (how many times have I told you, don't sleep in your earrings!). We can give you some ace tips on how to restore or repair your jewellery if you do accidentally damage it, so again, drop us a line.

If you are purchasing directly from Mrs P, read the descriptions carefully including size measurements and images. If you purchase an item on a whim and then change your mind, we are not obliged to offer a refund. Any questions around this please get in touch. For health and safety reasons, earrings cannot be returned.
Any further questions please contact Mrs P: sales@mrspetersonpottery.com