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Wholesale Agreement

All wholesale orders are subject to these terms and conditions.

Please read through these terms carefully so you understand more about the products you are stocking and the manner in which they are created.


This business is truly handmade in every way. All products are made from scratch, by hand, by me (Mrs Peterson). I am a one woman show and operate from my tiny studio in the Blue Mountains, NSW. I love what I do and am passionate about quality products.


I make these products from various grades of fine porcelain. From start to finish, each piece starts out as a lump of wet clay and has been carefully worked through many different processes to become a finished piece. This takes time and includes 2 firings up to 1300 degrees and long drying cycles. It can take 2 weeks to make enough stock to fill the kiln for a firing. Ceramics are a SLOOOOOW process, think of these products as the slow food equivalent to handmade ceramics.

There will always be variations with the end result such as slight colour variations and sometimes size and shape variations. This is what we love about handmade ceramics. Each piece is completely unique and has it’s own personality. I strive for consistency and quality, so no flaws, cracks or unfinished pieces will ever be sent to you, but they will all be made individually and have their own small variation.


This site has been set up to enable easy access to products that are ready to ship. The site can provide about 100 unique product designs at any one time, so there's plenty to choose from.

Please be aware that my Etsy store is not the wholesale shop. Items in both stores will always vary and I am unable to wholesale everything I have. I do my best to keep up with both systems and produce enough stock for both sites, but not everything is always available.

This wholesale store is a live inventory, and people are purchasing from the site at any given time. What you saw yesterday, may not be here today. Your cart will not be saved at the end of each day. All items in this shop are finished and ready to ship so there are no wait times for these handmade products. For good business practise, do not sell anything that you do not have in stock! These products are one-off items. Avoid disappointing your customers and only sell what you have in stock.

Keep ahead of the game and SUBSCRIBE to the NEWSFEED. That way you'll be notified by email of new product releases.

The product range is predominantly Jewellery with some homewares sprinkled in for good measure. I have a small kiln and larger pieces are difficult to produce in high volume. Unfortunately at this time I cannot take on any more wholesale accounts that are exclusively interested in ordering homewares only.

Due to the huge amount of production I do every year and to ensure I continue to bring out new products, I no longer make to order for requests under $2000. If you have an event/business or want a large order of specific items please get in contact with me, I'd be happy to see how I can fill your request.


Payment is processed via Pay Pal. Contact me if you have any questions. All orders require cleared payment prior to shipping. Your package will be posted within 1-2 working days of cleared payment. Check the shop news for holidays or delayed shipping times in case there are any.

All prices are in AU. Minimum orders are set at $200. The minimum order needs to be met to place an order. Mrs Peterson Pottery offers $10.50 flat rate and free shipping to orders over $600 within Australia. For International orders, a flat rate of $39 is set for all orders up to 1kg, larger or custom orders are priced per package and shipping will be calculated separately. At this time, Mrs Peterson Pottery accepts wholesale orders from ‘Bricks and Mortar’ shops only, and only one stockist per area so you can stock Mrs P exclusively in your hood! Accounts that have not been active for 6 months or longer may be de-activated to allow other stockists in the area to place an order.


Mrs Peterson Pottery is a recognised brand. It is a condition of wholesale that the name Mrs Peterson Pottery be displayed with the goods. Your shop will be added to the website under the SHOP section so customers can find you. Concealing the brand identity or trading it under another brand name is not ok. Altering or adjusting the products for resale in any way is not ok. Mrs Peterson Pottery reserves the right to refuse wholesale orders if brand representation is not upheld.


If you are wanting to retail these products in your online store, you are welcome to use the photos from my website but please understand I am not responsible for providing photos for you. Taking, loading and resizing photos is time consuming and takes me away from making the actual products. If you can't find the photo you're looking for... take one!


Please choose carefully. Once your order is paid and shipped there are no refunds or swaps for a simple change of mind. If you wish to cancel an order you must contact Mrs Peterson immediately.

Your order will be packed and padded to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If for some reason any items arrive broken please contact me ASAP I will arrange a replacement. Failure to do so may result in a non-refund.

All products have been tested to ensure customers receive a quality long-lasting product. It is ceramic however, so treat it like glass. If you drop it on the concrete... it may break! I am happy to replace any customer returns that are faulty, however broken or lost items that are not by fault of manufacture are not included. Common sense applies here. If you sleep in your earrings... they may not look the same when you wake up... you get the drift! For more info see the 'PORCELAIN CARE' page of the website (www.mrspetersonpottery.com) or for further questions please contact:

Brianna Peterson Ph: 0431991091

Handmade, quality porcelain is what you will receive, and it's my absolute pleasure to handcraft and provide these products to retailers in a professional manner.


xxx Mrs P

Privacy Policy

Mrs Peterson Pottery respects your privacy. The information and details you provide us help us to process your orders efficiently and contact you should we need to inform you about your purchase. Your details are strictly confidential and are not shared with, or visable to anyone else.

We do not store credit card details or bank account details on file as Pay Pal process all orders, so rest assured that your information is safe and protected. If you wish to end your account with us, we will delete your information from our database.

If you have ANY questions about your account, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Peterson directly:

M 0431991091

Shipping Policy

Once you check out and complete payment, your package will be shipped within 1-2 working days. Check the shop news for holiday or special shipping times in case there are any.

Shipping rates in Australia are a flat rate $10.50 for all orders under $600. Orders over this amount receive free shipping Australia wide.

Orders are shipped via standard post with a tracking number. If you require express post, contact Mrs Peterson Pottery and this can be arranged, extra costs may be involved.

International customers receive a $20 flat rate shipping. All prices are in AU. International items are shipped via standard air mail with a tracking number. Items may take 4-14 business days depending on the country and holiday seasons.

Please choose carefully. Once your order is paid and shipped there are no refunds or swaps for a simple change of mind.

Your order will be packed and padded to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If for some reason any items arrive broken please contact me ASAP I will arrange a replacement. Failure to do so may result in a non-refund.